Former Estée Lauder Chemist Makes Breakthrough Discovery

20 July 2023

Editorial by Lisa Clarke, Senior Editor

Can you imagine a world where your skin was even and vibrant without those little dark spots and imperfections?

With a method that is extremely easy, low effort, and can be done from home to make your skin look more youthful?

As we get older, we are constantly battling deep lines, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, and other imperfections that we wish we could hide and make disappear.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can do 1 extra step in the mirror to make you look more youthful and radiant.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell you on another ordinary overhyped moisturizer. Most of them are not nearly as powerful enough to get results in the first place, yet alone how expensive some of them are. According to a recent study, the average woman spends over £200 a month on her appearance. That's £2,400 per year! 

Some customers are calling this new step the “icing” on top of their skincare routine with how it is the perfect addition to their routine.

This used to be a celebrity secret and used by actresses in Hollywood for years and today, I’m going to unveil their secret. Over the next 5 minutes, I am going to show you what they use to make them look flawless. You may even be angry when you figure out how simple it is.

Keep in mind, this isn’t an anti-aging solution and it won’t turn back the clock. In reality, you don’t want to look like you are 30 years old at age 55… You want to look fantastic and feel confident at age 55.

Nadine Davis - Leading Cosmetic Scientist and Trailblazer

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nadine Davis and I am a cosmetic scientist. I have spent over 20 years developing some of the best-selling products for the biggest names in the business. I have awards and recognitions for being one of the most “innovative pioneers” in the beauty space because of the hours on hours I spend in the lab doing research on new ingredients and formulas to bring to the market. With that being said, let's start from the beginning.

What is the REAL reason why wrinkles and fine lines form in the first place?

A wrinkle, as you already know, is a ridge or crease in the skin. It’s a natural part of the body’s aging process but it’s not just about getting older. There are many external factors that cause wrinkles to appear.

Some of these factors include sun exposure, habitual facial expressions, and the lack of nutrition or hydration contributes significantly to the emergence of wrinkles. Over the years, our facial muscles undergo countless contractions, making age a pivotal determinant in the formation of wrinkles. Most importantly, the loss of collagen also plays a crucial role in their appearance.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our skin and is often referred to as the 'scaffolding' that provides structure and strength to our skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. In the context of skincare, collagen plays an essential role in ensuring the skin remains plump, taut, and youthful.

As we age, our body's natural production of collagen begins to decline. This decrease can also be heavily influenced by a few of those external factors that I mentioned above. As your collagen levels drop, your skin starts sagging, becomes thinner, and wrinkles/fine lines start to become more apparent.

So in order to combat the decline of collagen, you need a special formula to boost collagen production.

Vitamin C - The 'Powerhouse Ingredient'

Vitamin C is a very important antioxidant that has been well documented to play a crucial role in skin health. The powerhouse ingredient plays a crucial role in collagen formation, UV protection, and stopping melanogenesis (age spots or hyperpigmentation). 

Skin aging has also been documented to have a direct correlation to Vitamin C levels in the skin. Extreme weather, pollution, sun exposure and harsh beauty products can all compound this dreaded process of aging.

BUT there’s just 1 problem…

The right Vitamin C serum is nearly impossible to find. It is remarkably unstable when exposed to sunlight or air. If you have purchased a Vitamin C product in the past, you may have noticed that it turned a golden brownish color. That is exactly what happens as it oxidizes and it probably didn’t have enough Vitamin C left for your skin to experience its benefits.

Remember when we talked about the “celebrity secret” earlier? Well, their secret is they have these Vitamin C serum’s custom made. And yes, it would also cost them a pretty penny to get these formulas… Until now.

Let me tell you about my discovery 

After working tirelessly over the past few years trying to figure out a way to properly harness this incredible ingredient, I finally did it. 

I knew if I could figure out a way to properly harness this magical ingredient with the perfect concentration of Vitamin C, this product would be groundbreaking. Vitamin C is the key to making your skin look brighter, more youthful, and tighter. 

After I formulated the solution, I ran a large test group to make sure it worked before releasing it to the public.

The results? - Better than I even expected

I gave the samples out to our test group and told them to try it daily and come back in 15 days. One of the ladies in the test group has been a long-term customer of mine and she was one of the first people I saw after the 15 days.

As soon as she walked in the door of my lab, everyone was stunned. She was glowing with confidence and smiling wider than I have seen in years. She came in and absolutely praised this new formula and was demanding I give her more bottles.

This was only one of a large group of people that experienced astonishing results. 90% of the large test group experienced improvements in under a month of using this formula. It became apparent to me that if these ladies experienced great results, then I knew thousands of other women could as well.

The best part? These results did not involve botox, needles, or any type of expensive treatment. This is a simple, at home treatment you can implement to experience revolutionary results. Now, let me unveil the discovery.

Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner

After working tirelessly over the past couple years, I found a way to properly harness Vitamin C and deliver it in a high enough dosage to have a significant effect on the skin. You see, the key wasn’t trying to figure out a new, secret ingredient. The key was trying to figure out a way to properly harness the powerhouse ingredient of Vitamin C, and that is exactly what I did.

Our Vitamin C Skin Refiner is formulated to lift, firm, and tighten the appearance of sagging skin while fading the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. It also contains a 20% concentration of Vitamin C, which is the highest dosage of Vitamin C possible. Our skin refiner is also 100% natural, organic, and cruelty free.

Is Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner Really The Best?

After rigorous testing, coupled with glowing reviews from reputable sources and countless satisfied users, the results clearly indicate that Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner is a revolutionary skincare product. 

We recently launched in a number of major UK stores including Harrods, John Lewis, Boots and other nationwide retailers. However, the only place to order online is Tonik's official website.

Did I mention this is a risk free purchase? That's right, you are covered by our "bottom of the bottle" guarantee. You have 90 days to try Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner. If you don't love it, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price. We would not make this guarantee if we weren't confident in the results you will get.

STORY UPDATE: 20 Apr 2024

Tonik has taken the beauty industry by storm...

Since our initial research, this revolutionary product has been gaining traction around the world. They became best-seller on QVC, appeared on the This Morning and Loose Women, and featured in Sunday Times Magazine.

In an independent study,  Tonik Vitamin C Skin Refiner was proven to:

  • Significantly reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration 
  • Significantly reduce the look of deep lines and wrinkles
  • Significantly firm and tighten skin 
  • 90% of consumers saw improvements 

Does it live up to the hype? 

Here are some reviews from verified customers- 

-Frances J

"I really can't speak more highly of this product. As a 74 year old I thought that the ravages of time, sun and just laughter and crying had "characterised" my face but because of rave reviews I thought I'd give Tonik a try. Much to my amazement, after just 9 days, the difference to my skin has been unbelievable. I religiously spread this miracle lotion on face and neck in the morning and evening and have been astonished."

-Claire S

"Wow, what can I say, but fabulous products!! I started with the Vitamin C Skin Refiner and was so impressed I tried Bio Moisture Boost. I am 68 and the difference these products have made to my skin is amazing. It goes on so easily and smells lovely. It is also very good value as a little goes a long way. I have told all my friends how good they are, so I am sure there will be many of us “ladies of a certain age” with beautiful skin."

-Hannah C

"I have tries so many creams ( boots, Elemis, Estelle Lauder and many others ) promising results, never delivered. Saw this and was impressive with research involved so ordered some. Came very quickly too. Have used it now for ten days and noticed wrinkles appear softer, no gone but looking so much better. I feel happier and skin is glowing. It is helping my skin to look healthier."

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner is probably severely overpriced"

Actually, it is quite literally far from that, Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner is severely underpriced.

A revolutionary formula like this could easily be priced at £300 being one of the highest quality Vitamin C Skin Refiner on the market.

At Tonik, we believe in creating formula's that the masses can afford and experience the astonishing formulas that take months to critique. 

So, instead of pricing the Vitamin C Skin Refiner at around £300, the retail price of this bottle of magic is priced at £79.97

Ready for the best part?

Unlike other products, Tonik contains PURE Vitamin C and ACTIVE Aloe Vera... two powerhouse ingredients that means our product is 10 TIMES more effective compared to the leading competitor. Even better, it's 100% natural and organic.

There is no reason to keep feeling frustrated about wrinkles anymore thanks to this groundbreaking formula. You will feel like yourself again... Happier, more energetic, and most importantly, confident again.

Starting now, you can get Tonik's Vitamin C Skin Refiner for 50% OFF + FREE premium delivery.

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